About us:

FabLearner.online is established to bring out the potential in children. We believe that children are capable of much more than what is generally assumed of them. Thus, we have come up with the FabReader program which teaches children to read even before they start school. Our vision is to see small children achieve their potential.

They say that the Mother is the first teacher to their child, we believe the Mother is the Best Teacher.

Empowerment is unleashed when Women are liberated from the mental shackles of default thinking and rigid mental models.

We at FabLearner will unleash that potential you have as a Mother to teach your child anything. We provide a unique perspective on Women’s capability as main teachers while being in the home.

We know that not all children learn the same. After spending almost 24 hours a day with your child from the time of their birth, the Mother is the best person to know how to teach her child, based on their abilities. She knows their problems and can adjust her teaching methods accordingly.

The only issue that parents have is knowledge of the subject and as such FabLearner will equip you with that in a simple way.

By providing the data and resources you need, parents will be able to create a more personal teaching experience for every one of their children.

 As such we wanted to create a resource that made learning to read fun, to inspire children to read books and fall back in love with reading again.

We will be working hard towards making learning fun and making sure that children become FabReaders.