About Waleed Ansari

My name is Waleed Ansari. I have been teaching students since the last 12 years. I have always had a passion for teaching. After working in different fields, I decided to take up teaching as a full time career, as I get a great sense of achievement from seeing my students develop and grow as individuals. I wanted to have a career that I would enjoy going to work every day.

Initially, I used to teach Mathematics and Science at IGCSE level, Advance A Levels, American Board students and Indian Boards as well. However, one thing I found, even with Higher Secondary Students, was that they were unable to read fluently and understand concepts easily. Hence, I understood that the problem is somewhere in the way children are taught reading at the primary level. I have interacted with parents having very young children to the parents of college-going students and realised that mistakes made in teaching children reading in the early years can drastically hinder in a child’s Academic Success.

Thus, I decided to look into the Primary level of Education taught in schools as I didn’t want my daughter, Maryam, to face such problems in the later years of her Education.

After much research, training and practice from my past experiences and Masters in Education, I came up with a perfect, well-structured technique that no one offers to enable all children to read well, helping them achieve their full potential.

I helped a group of people start a school where only this ALSV Method was taught to the children to Read. Most of my students came from non-English Speaking households, yet in just 5 mins of personal one to one teaching, thrice a week, I was able to teach them basic reading in 3 months using my technique.

I understand that all schools will not be able to implement this and as such designed a program for parents. I have helped many parents from all walks of life to take out ONLY 10 mins a day to undo the harm done by the teaching methods in the schools and to start off on the right foot with children who have not yet been introduced to any reading program.


Do join me in the workshop to see how to unlock the secret to Academic Success.