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Giving only 5-10 mins a day without the hassle of ever memorising a spelling even if the child cannot recognise a single letter.
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Just investing 10-20 mins a day consistently for 3 months can give incredible results.


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Your child doesn’t even need to know a single letter or it’s sound. Plus you don’t need to know anything about phonics to teach your child.


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Using innovative methods of teaching like flashcards, interesting videos & books helps children grasp better and develops the interest of learning.


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A sense of accomplishment boosts confidence in children. Celebrating small wins helps them perform their 100%.

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They say it was a life-changing experience!

Success Stories

Below 2 years

Our students below the age of 2 years outperform many older kids, and that makes us feel very proud. You will be awestruck to see the learning capacity of these little kids.


2-4 years

This segment of children are advancing from infancy and could grasp the reading techniques in no time.

5-7 years

Well, the earlier you start, the better it is. Even though your child comes under this age group, our program will help your kid become an expert reader.

Specially abled

We’re deeply humbled to announce that our program helps specially abled kids. Children dealing with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and kids with Cochlear implants are also able to learn and read fluently.

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Why FabLearner?

  • Learn the best parenting skills 
  • Avoid the most common mistakes
  • Unique teaching techniques that suit all kids
  • Quick progress with amazing results
  • Generate love of reading & learning
  • Access to Lifetime support

Frequently Asked Questions

Every child is a genius. It is a self- study course and so you will be able to complete it just at the right time, entirely suitable for you and your child.

As soon as you place the order, study materials will be dispatched, you’ll get the app to watch the videos and teach your child. You will also get access to live weekly meetings and the FabParents Telegram support group.

Our program will boost your child’s reading skills and thus they will be able to complete it much quicker. We aim to provide the best teaching skills which will enable your child to learn easily and efficiently. All the levels are connected with each other, hence you need to start from the beginners level and then complete the subsequent levels.

Yes, of course. We will provide you with all the basic letter- recognition and other materials beneficial for you and your child. Our program starts with the very basic, then we move to intermediate stage and then finally we move to the advanced level. It is designed systematically for your child to complete successfully.

Generally, all the three levels shouldn’t take more than 6 months. We suggest you to spend at least 5-10 minutes per day for better results.

We have an app that guides you and allows you to perform specific tasks while teaching your child. You also get free access to the Telegram group. You will find support and encouragement by fellow FabParents. You can count on us when you need a one on one consultation 4 days a week. Also, live weekly meetings to have a fruitful interaction.

The FabReader program teaches children to be an independent reader. Our vision is to see small children achieve their potential. We make sure that learning is fun for you and your child. We aim to foster the love of learning in your child. The simple yet proven techniques of the FabReader program helps children unleash their true potential. We thrive to provide world class education to children by bringing in the best pedagogy.

Every child is unique, and so are their problems. Keeping this in mind, we created the FabReader program based on STEM education techniques which sets us apart from our competitors. This method of teaching is beyond academics and focuses on developing a variety of important skill sets required in today’s dynamic world.

Confidence is the biggest motivation. We have regular weekly meetings for FabParents. In the meetings, the parents share their experience. We provide customized proven successful tips to see an improved performance. We make sure that the child finishes the program.

We provide all-in-one kit, delivered to your doorstep. Please check the Course section for all the details.

FabReader program is designed by experts who wish the best for your child. All of the materials you receive have been thoroughly tested, are child-friendly, age-appropriate, and of the top – notch quality. We aim at eliminating confusion and building confidence in the child’s reading skills.


Yes, we provide staff to help with your queries 24/7 via email. You can write to us at [email protected].

Pooja Cherian: “My baby just turned 2 and he has already started blending”

Mohammad Razaq: “My 7 year old is studying in an Arabic medium school and doesn’t even know the alphabets, but this method has helped him read within 2 months”


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