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16th September 2021 – 19th September 2021
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM IST

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Day 1- Unveiling the #1 Myth that parents of 2-7 year olds have.

Day 2- The Power of Reading.

Day 3- Seven deadly mistakes when teaching children to read and how to correct it!!

Day 4-  Make your child a FabReader


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#1 Myth that parents of 2-7 years old have.

It is generally believed that a child who’s reading at a young age must be SMART. The fact is that any parent with no teaching experience or specialised knowledge can teach their child to READ, even at a very young age without any stress or struggle.

The Fab-Reader ALSV technique is a scientifically proven method used by me and many other parents across the globe to teach their children to read (some of the parents are not even english speakers!!)

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Conducted by

Waleed Ansari

Founder, FabLearner.Online

My name is Waleed Ansari. I have been teaching students since the last 12 years. I have always had a passion for teaching.Initially, I used to teach Mathematics and Science at IGCSE level, Advance A Levels, American Board students and Indian Boards as well. However, one thing I found, even with Higher Secondary Students, was that they were unable to read fluently and understand concepts easily.