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Anjali Saini


“My daughter is 2.6 years old now. I’m very happy and satisfied with the progress and the way the Fabreader program is structured. It really helps us be confident in our approach and make our children independent learners. 

I couldn’t help her revise the concepts as I wasn’t well for a week, but as soon as I started again, she could remember whatever was taught previously. She has learnt the phonics well and has started blending on her own. I feel very happy to see her try reading new words even before I tell her the pronunciation. Thank you for such a wonderful program”

Aesha Kashyap


“Thank you Waleed sir. I am really happy to see my daughter reading. She just started with the intermediate level. I am happy to see her blending words. I am teaching her through oral blending. Hope to see more progress in her reading skills soon.“

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My son completed the beginner level of the Fabreader program at the age of 2 years & 7 months. And in the next 3 months, he finished the intermediate level too. I’ve been taking it slow, making sure that he gets better every day, and I am delighted to see the results. Now, he can read difficult words from different books with utmost confidence.

This program really works.”

Manu Saxena


“My daughter is 2.10 years old. She is saying the phonic sounds perfectly. She is doing very good. Thank you for the FabReader program.”

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Mohana Priya


“Fabreader program is very useful. I am so satisfied to see the progress of my daughter. She is just 2 years & 10 months old. Thank you Fab team!”

Krishna Malpani


“Thank you Waleed Sir, Ananya is 3.3 years old and she has started blending very
nicely. She has completed beginners level and she also started to write the 3 letter
words suddenly. I am very happy to see her doing well sir, thanks a lot.”

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“Thank you for the FabReader program, my child Dharsh, 3.3 years old is improving his reading fluency day by day.”

Shyma Mohan


“Thank you for the FabReader program, we started with intermediate level.”

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Avyaan Maurya


Just as Waleed Sir said in the Monday meeting, ‘Give him some time, and the moment he understands the sounds and blending, he’ll start writing on his own.’ I’m really glad to share that he has accomplished it. He can write on his own.

Now, I’m embarking on a new journey with an advanced level program. Extremely happy!

Thanks to the Fablearner Team. Kudos!”

Hema Sista


My daughter is 3.7 years old. She’s very naughty and active too. Initially I was a little nervous as I doubted if she could become a Fabreader. But she proved me wrong. I’m very happy to see her read fluently. She not only reads her books but also reads the words written on different products, walls etc.  

Thank you Waleed sir!”

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Sipra Jena


“My 4 year old son learnt to read in just two weeks as he already knew the letter sounds. He completed the intermediate level and can read storybooks as well. After learning blending, he started reading new words, even written on the T-shirts.

I’m really thankful to Waleed sir and the Fablearner team for everything.”

Zainab Bint Sushil


“It’s been a month now since I started with the program. Alhamdulillah, I’m very happy to see my daughter’s willingness to learn and progress as well. She turned 4 today. Thank you for such an amazing program. 

Jazakumullahu khairan to the Fablearner team!”

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